one-time consultation: establish a parenting plan

Meet once for up to 2 hours to focus primarily on identifying ways to move forward with discipline. We work together to identify your family's core values, communication and discipline strategies that align with those values, and application of those strategies (based on examples of frequent challenges you encounter at home). Emphasis is on establishing a plan for how to address challenges, rather than processing past concerns. 

ongoing parent coaching

Meet weekly or as needed to establish effective communication and discipline practices. Approach is nonjudgmental and customized to your family’s particular context. I objectively listen and identify interaction patterns, habits, and dynamics that exist between parents and children. We collaborate to determine which habits would be helpful to change, identify alternative strategies to implement, address how to enact those changes, and assess their effectiveness over time. Recognizing each family’s unique context, dynamics, and values, I do not prescribe generalized strategies. Rather, together we identify what practices align with the values that you, as parents, desire to instill in your kids and reinforce through each interaction (including discipline).

parenting workshop

Presentations and workshops available for groups of parents and educators. Workshops address establishment of discipline philosophy, identification of shared values, empathy training, identification of problems underlying behavior, and establishment of effective discipline strategies. Custom workshops available, as well.

Meet weekly or as needed to address emotional, mental, behavioral, social, and/or relational concerns of women and children individually. Although I do not conduct formal assessments, I am knowledgeable about diagnostic criteria and can share observations and recommendations related to specific areas of concern. My office is equipped for traditional play therapy and my training is cognitive-behaviorally based. I use play to engage young children, assess for areas of concern, and to work through topics that are often difficult or threatening for children to talk about directly. I offer specific skills training when indicated.


Meet weekly or as needed to address dynamics within the family. My goal is to help children and parents create and maintain an environment wherein all family members feel comfortable appropriately sharing their concerns, so the family is equipped and able to work through ongoing challenges as a body. Focus is often on communication, interactional patterns, discipline, and relationships that exist between all family members.