Choose your preferred medium below to learn more about relating with children, establishing personal values as a foundation for living, and utilizing discipline to meaningfully guide the children around you.



Dancefloor Podcast invited me to participate in two conversations about relating with kids:

Raising Neighbors and Not Consumers is about raising kids with your family's values as guiding principles.

In Letting the Children Lead, we discuss the importance of listening well to our children.

Renae Fieck has wonderful resources for moms! We recently chatted about empathy and parenting:

How to Develop Empathy and Connect With Your Kids Podcast



Ross Greene, PhD developed a collaborative problem solving approach that incorporates many of the relationship-building and discipline strategies I encourage adults to use with kids:

Raising Human Beings is geared toward parents.

Lost At School is written for educators.

Barbara Coloroso gets it!

Kids Are Worth It is worth the read.



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