Parenting is hard, but

You’ve got this!

Most of us enter parenthood without a strategy for helping our kids and family grow. We’re unprepared to turn the challenges of raising kids so we end up feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.

I don’t want you to be My client

You need a strategy, not a weekly appointment. You’ve got this!

I want to help you be the parent you were destined to be. I want to help you overcome your feeling of being inadequate and overwhelmed. I want to give you a strategy to become a Colossal Parent.



I’ll help your family work like a team who communicates, talks about emotions and other cool stuff.


You’re not the problem! You children aren’t the problem! Your spouse isn’t the problem. Normally parenting challenges are the result of interactions between parents and children that can be easily fixed.


Problem Solving

noun_Problem Solving_2049777.png

Families that solve problems together… er… stay together. It isn’t up to you to do it all! I’ll help you and your children learn how to solve problems, together!



I’ll help you build a plan for working through challenges as they come up.


How I can help you



Online Courses