Managing at Home

Many of us approach management of professional issues much differently than we do personal issues. What if we applied some of the same concepts and approaches to management within our homes that we apply in the workplace. Hear me out…


Identifying problems

A very basic approach to tackling challenges and issues that come up in business settings is to first identify what the problem is before attempting to apply a solution. A useful parenting strategy will utilize this approach.

practicing “highly effective” habits

Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People convinced me that all parents would benefit from managerial training!


facilitative questioning

This strategy is used in the business world to effect decision-making change through the use of systems-focused questioning. It invites critical consideration of decision-making processes in order to change future behaviors. Let’s wonder together about the why’s of our decisions/behaviors, so we can change those patterns next time.


Emphasizing teamwork

No one member of the family is entirely to blame when things go awry. No one member is entirely responsible for holding things together. Let’s approach resolving concerns as team, utilizing the strengths and ideas that each member brings to the table.


anticipating, planning, Evaluating

Parenting plans involve establishing strategies, utilizing them intentionally, and evaluating progress toward family goals. Plans include action items, deliverables, deadlines, and evaluation of outcomes.


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