Solving Problems as a team

Working as a part of a team when trying to solve problems offers a sense of security and variety in perspectives and ideas. You're not alone in this. Families experience problems together. Why not work together to solve them? Ross Greene, PhD suggests using a collaborative problem solving method that I've found to be fantastically effective.


To successfully solve a problem, you must first fully and accurately understand what the problem is...and is not.

Step 1:

Demonstrate Empathy

When it comes to identifying what the problem is, your child is the best source of information regarding his/her experience, emotion, and perspective. I coach adults in effective communication and listening techniques, leading to that fuller understanding of children. This improves emotional connection and establishes interaction habits that set you up for successfully maneuvering challenges.

Step 2:

Define adult concerns

Once you understand the problem from the child’s perspective, it is time to share your concerns. I offer practical advice for having direct and meaningful conversations. Using intentional strategies, you and your child will better understand and value one another's perspective. This ensures cooperation before moving on to solving the typical or unique problems that you face as a family.

Step 3:

Invite collaboration 

Now that you have both shared your concerns, it is time to tackle solving the problem together. Cooperation and buy-in are vital in order for any solution to be effective. I coach parents and children through a problem-solving process, helping each to truly value the other's input. Once a solution is agreed upon, I will walk with your family through implementation and evaluating its effectiveness.