Workshops and presentations

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For parents

Do you know of a group of parents who are struggling with parenting challenges? Each topic below is available as a presentation or workshop, appropriate for parents meeting in a variety of contexts. Each offers helpful and practical information on its own or can be bundled with other topics listed. Custom workshop or presentation content is available.

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For Educators & leaders

Most adults leading children encounter challenges with behavior and struggles with discipline. The following group presentations or workshops help adults in any context improve interactions with children. Organizational values are emphasized instead of family values. Problem-solving involves utilizing discipline strategies that reinforce organizational values and standards.  


Raising children with values

We attend childbirth prep classes. We create an aesthetically pleasing and calming nursery ambiance. We track each feeding, diaper change, and minute of sleep in those early days. Establishing a family mission statement or parenting approach isn't usually a part of our preparation for parenthood. This talk walks parents through that process. First by identifying their own family's core values. Then by establishing these values as the foundation for interactions and the guidelines for handling challenges that arise. Discipline is introduced as the tool we use to get back to living in line with our family values.

"I'm NOT okay!"

"I'm NOT okay!"

relating with empathy

Most of us are familiar with the feelings of being misunderstood, having our experiences minimized or emotions invalidated. Think of the last time that someone listened well, sought to understand what you were communicating, asked non-leading questions, and responded without judgment. Our willingness to listen well speaks volumes. This talk equips parents with applicable language and practical strategies for speaking and listening empathetically -- with both children and other adults.


solving problems with discipline

We all get stuck in ruts sometimes. Maybe the strategies that used to work don't anymore. Maybe our children are developing and our approach hasn't developed with them. This talk helps adults identify the underlying problems that they and their children are experiencing. We then identify some best practices for establishing discipline strategies that address the underlying problem. The focus here is on using strategies that teach and reinforce values, rather than punishing wrongdoing.